The following CD's have music of Marc Mellits:

Mellits Consort
Paranoid Cheese
available in Europe June 4, 2007
  Worldwide July 17, 2007

this CD has 11 works, all by Mellits:

Broken Glass
paranoid cheese
The Misadventures of Soup
Lefty's Elegy
Machine IV
Srećan Rođendan, Marija!
Machine III
Machine V

$10 (+$4 s/h US or $10 international)
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Got Stung
Splinter Reeds


Mellits: Splinter

Rhythm of Silence
Erika Tazawa


Mellits: Agu

Jake Schepps Quintet


Mellits: Flatiron

Escape Velocity
Clocks In Motion

Mellits: Gravity

UCF Percussion

Mellits: Farfalle Cotte
Mellits: Gravity

(Flying Horse Records)

Dave Camwell & Stephen Page

Mellits: Tachycardia

Beyond Shadows: The Nu:BC Collective
Nu:BC Collective

Mellits: 11 Pieces for Flute & Piano


Octuorissimo: Le Maître & l'Elève
Quatuor Debussy - Quatuor Arranoa

Mellits: Octet

Guerrilla New Music
Great Noise Ensemble

Mellits: 5 Machines
cello, piano, percussion, bass, bass clarinet/soprano saxophone, electric guitar

Los Angeles New Music Ensemble

Mellits: Gonzalo Speaks

(Centaur Records)

Differential Moods
Jeff Loeffert

Mellits: Farfalle Cotte
duo for 2 treble instruments (soprano saxophones here)

(Blue Griffen Recordings)

Time Scape
Dave Camwell

Mellits: Farfalle Cotte
duo for 2 treble instruments (soprano saxophones here)

(Teal Creek Music)


Mellits: Merge Left
2 flutes & cello

Groove Machine
h2 Quartet

Mellits: Revolution
saxophone quartet

(Blue Griffen Recordings)

Back To Yourself
Christian Elin

Mellits: Mara's Lullaby
soprano saxophone & piano


Roger McVey

Mellits: Etude No. 2: Defensive Chili
solo piano

Electric Kompany
Electric Kompany

Mellits: Broken Glass
Mellits: Srecan Rodjendan, Marija!
Mellits: Lefty's Elegy
Mellits: Dreadlocked
rock band

Tight Sweater
Real Quiet
plays the music of Marc Mellits

Tight Sweater:
excerpt I
excerpt II
excerpt III
excerpt IV
excerpt V
excerpt VI
Disciples of Gouda
Fruity Pebbles
excerpt VII
excerpt VIII
excerpt IX

NPR's Weekend America's "CD of the Month"

(Endeavour Classics 1016)


Mellits: Black
Bass Clarinet duo

(Sqwonkle McKonkle Productions SQ002)

Society for New Music

Mellits: Platter of Discontent
flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, marimba

(Innova Records 719)


Mellits: Tight Sweater Remix
piano & marimba

(Luminescense Records LUM002)

American Journey
Roger McVey, piano

Mellits: Agu
solo piano

Mix Tape
Andrew Russo, piano & keyboards

Mellits: Spank Me
Mellits: No Strings Attached ("Kurried Kaftka")


(Endeavour Classics 1023)

Melville's Dozen
Nicola Melville, piano

Mellits: Etude No. 2: Defensive Chili

(Innova Records 691)

Common Sense Composers Collective
New Millenium Ensemble

Mellits: Spam
flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano

(Albany Records TROY899)

Release: March 13, 2007
Dirty Little Secret
Andrew Russo, piano

Mellits: Etude No. 1: Medieval Induction
excerpt 1
excerpt 2
solo piano

(Endeavour Classics 1019)

Steve Reich: Different Trains, Piano Phase
Marc Mellits: String Quartet No. 2

Duke Quartet, Andrew Russo, Marc Mellits

Mellits: String Quartet No. 2
excerpt from second movement
excerpt from third movement

London Evening Standard's "CD of the Week"

(Black Box Records)

Dominic Frasca, solo guitar

Mellits: 5 Chanukah Etudes for the Frascas ("Domemetude")
Mellits: Lefty's Elegy
Mellits: Metoclopramide
Mellits: Dark Age Machinery

New York Times CD of the Year, 2006


The Shock of the Old
American Baroque

Mellits: 11 Miniatures for Baroque Ensemble

Dark Age Machinery
Elegy for Lefty
Carpel Tunnel
Lefty's Elegy

2003 CMA/WQXR CD of the year
"Nothing better could happen to new music or old music"
- Richard Taruskin
One of the freshest and most exciting discs of the year. ...[a] remarkable disc."
- Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

(Santa Fe New Music)

Common Sense Composers Collective

Mellits: Polysorbate 60
mixed chamber ensemble